Whiskey Scotch Old Fashioned Glasses Fit 2.25" Ice Cubes - 14 oz, Large

Product Description

HAND BLOWN & HEAVY DUTY - Each glass is blown and crafted by hand for the best quality craftsmanship. Reinforced surface resists breaking, chipping and scratching.

EASY CARE & CLEANING - Dishwasher-safe makes cleaning a breeze. Machine washing will not etch, cloud or discolor the glass.

LEAD-FREE CRYSTAL GLASS - Does not contain harmful elements such as lead for safe drinking. Lead-free crystal not only safe for drinking but refracts more light than ordinary glass, so you can see your drinks more clearly.

EXTRA LARGE SIZE - Big enough to contain up to 14 oz of whiskey, wine, bourbon, scotch, juice, and other mixed drinks. Fits 2.25 inch ice cubes - larger ice cubes keep your drinks cool without getting watered down (PratiCube 2.25 inch Ice Cube Mold sold separately).

ELEGANT DESIGN - Engraved dimples make it easier to grip. The classic style makes it a perfect addition to your barware collection or for daily use. Also makes an excellent gift for any occasion.

Here’s why you need this lovely collection of Zeus Whiskey Glasses:

  • FIT LARGE ICE CUBES - These scotch glasses feature a larger diameter opening it can fit jumbo ice cubes or ice spheres. This lets you keep your drink extra cold without over dilution.
  • GET MORE VOLUME THAN AVERAGE - Holds up to 14 oz of liquid so you can enjoy more of your favorite beverage than usual.

Here’s why you should buy Ambrosia Zeus Whiskey Glasses:

✔ HANDMADE - All Ambrosia Zeus double old fashioned cocktail glasses are hand blown & handcrafted for superior quality.

✔ HIGH QUALITY - Feature a hard surface that resist breaking, chipping & scratching. Machine washing will not etch, cloud or discolor the glass.

✔ DISHWASHER-SAFE - No need to tire your hands to wash these glasses; just place them in the dishwasher & they’re good to go.

✔ MADE OF LEAD-FREE CRYSTAL GLASS - No lead content, highly refractive but lighter & less dispersive than lead crystal so you can see your drinks more clearly.

✔ BIGGER & BETTER - Larger than ANY average double old fashioned glasses with an extra thick base to hold up to 14 oz of your favorite whiskey, bourbon, scotch, & other mixed drinks. Fit large ice sphere or large ice cubes up to 2.25 inches which keep your drinks cold much longer without getting watered down.

✔ CLASSY DESIGN - The simple yet elegant design make them ideal for everyday use, special occasions, parties, celebrations, or any gatherings. The engraved dimples make it easier for you to hold the glass.

Don’t wait for the next special event or when you run out of glasses to use. ORDER the Ambrosia Collection Zeus Whiskey Glasses now!

$ 21.99

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