16 oz Swing Top Bottles with Ceramic Cap - 2 or 6 Pack

Product Description

✔ 2 HIGH QUALITY BOTTLES- Comes in pack of 2 heavy duty glass bottles to ensure many batches of beer, kombucha, soda, condiments, sauces and whatever else you decide to store

✔ CERAM-SEAL CERAMIC CAPS - No cheap plastic caps - Secure Swing bottles include 100% ceramic caps which unlike plastic caps won't leak potentially harmful chemicals or tastes into your beverages

✔ AIRTIGHT FOR MAX CARBONATION - Each ceramic cap features a full thick silicone gaskets which reduces area for any potential leaks to occur providing maximum seal

✔ EASY TO USE & CLEAN - Bottles are easy to open and close. Just flip the top onto the bottle and your liquids are secured-no need to buy bottle caps! Bottles and Ceram-Seal Caps are both dishwasher-safe

✔ PEACE OF MIND LIFETIME GUARANTEE - We assure that every bottle you get is made of the highest quality, but if for some reason you are not satisfied, just return it to us-no questions asked

Preserve the taste and securely store your homemade brews with our high quality Secure Swing 16 oz Beer Bottles

Whether you're brewing for everyday personal use, as a special holiday treat or a gift, it's not enough that you place your home brews in just any glass bottle-it has to be in a durable, stylish and easy-to-open Secure Swing 16 oz Beer Bottle!

You should add Secure Swing 16 oz Beer Bottles to your cart because they:

ARE EASY TO USE - The flip-top style means bottling is made simple. No need to cap!
ARE DURABLE - Made of a thicker and stronger glass than your regular 16 oz Beer Bottle
PROVIDE BEST-IN-CLASS AIRTIGHT SEAL - Securely sealed with a sturdy wire assembly and thick rubber gaskets
ARE EASY TO CLEAN - It's completely dishwasher-safe
ARE REUSABLE - Which means you can make multiple batches of home brew
COME WITH PEACE OF MIND LIFETIME GUARANTEE - At Pratico Kitchen we want our customers to be 100% pleased. If you're not satisfied with your Secure Swing Top Bottle, we'll send you a replacement no questions asked! Click "Add to Cart" now!

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Swing Top Bottles With Ceramic Caps
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