SnackCubby - Multi-purpose Reusable Snack Bag & Ice Pop Mold

Product Description

✔ REUSABLE = SAVINGS - 2 or 4 Pack - No longer do you need to spend money on plastic bags for snacks & other items. Fits a variety of snacks like granola, almonds, pretzel sticks, gummy bears, trail mix, & more

✔ EASY SNACK PORTION CONTROL - Each SnackCubby holds 254 ml (8.5 ounces) or approximately 1/4 of a plastic sandwich bag which is great for making sure you don't overeat your favorite snacks

✔ TRANSLUCENT & SLIM DESIGN - Translucent color allows you to quickly see what's inside & slim tube design (6.9 in x 1.7 in) makes it easy to stand up on it's own in a fridge. Also easy to put in a lunch box, gym bag, or backpack

✔ FOOD SAFE & EASY TO CLEAN - Made with premium BPA-free FDA-approved food grade silicone which is freezer safe & dishwasher safe

✔ MAKES POPSICLES & ICE POPS - Fill with water or your favorite juice to make cylindrical shaped ice or use the included accessory cap to make extra large popsicles (so big we recommend 2 popsicle sticks)

Time To Replace Plastic Bags

Pratico Kitchen's SnackCubby Snack Bags & Ice Pop Molds are the perfect solution to storing your snacks to replace your reliance on plastic bags

Here's why you should buy SnackCubby:

Reusable Snacking: Fit peanuts, pretzel sticks, granola, raisins, & more without wasting plastic bags
Allows Portion Control: Holds 8.5 ounces of snacks and other items allowing you to control how much you eat
Translucent: Translucent color lets you see through to what's inside without having to guess
Slim Design: Measures 6.9 inches tall by 1.7 inches wide and tube design allows it to stand up in the fridge or freezer
Easy to Clean - Dishwasher Safe: When you need to clean just toss it in the dishwasher or rinse with water and air dry
Attached Cap & Accessory Cap: Attached cap so you won't lose it & accessory cap allows popsicle sticks & other items to be used
Safe to Use: Made with premium BPA-free FDA-approved silicone
Lifetime Warranty: You're protected by a no-hassle free replacement guarantee

Not Just for Snacks

Not only can the SnackCubby be used for snacks but can also be used to make cylindrical shaped ice (perfect for thermoses or water bottles), ice pops, or popsicles. Can also be used for storing odds & ends like Qtips, hair ties, cotton balls, & more.

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SnackCubby Snack Container
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