Silicone Ice Cube Tray with No-Spill Steel Rim - 2 Inch Cubes

Product Description

✔ HIGHEST QUALITY TRAY MAKES 4 or 8 CUBES - Unique 2 color tray is made with BPA-free FDA-approved silicone & high quality steel & lets you make slow melting 2 inch ice cubes

✔ SPILL-RESISTANT EMBEDDED STEEL ICE TRAY - Each mold has an embedded steel rims that offers stability & prevents spills. Simply fill it with water & place in the freezer with no flimsiness

✔ MAKE PERFECT SIZED CUBES - Unlike most silicone ice cube trays Superb Cube has individual flat cube compartments which make perfect ice cubes

✔ EASY ICE REMOVAL WITH EZ RELEASE - Each cube compartment is separate from each other so you can easily push each cube from the bottom. No need for awkward bending & twisting

✔ NOT JUST FOR ICE CUBES - Use it to freeze juices, coffee, teas, stocks, soups, & more. The only limit is your imagination :)

The Best Ice Cube Tray on Amazon

Don't be fooled. Not all silicone ice cube trays are the same. Many sellers sell the same tray with only a different logo.

Pratico Kitchen's Superb Cube Trays are in a different class and can be used to make ice to fit highball, cocktail, hurricane, cordial and liqueur glasses. Perfect for whiskey, cocktail, juices, coffee, tea, & more.

Here's why you should buy Superb Cube Trays:

  • Makes 4 or 8 Cubes 2 Inches in Size: Measures 10.7 x 5.6 x 2.1 inches & keeps your drinks chilled longer with giant ice cubes
  • Perfect Bottom Makes Perfect Cubes: Other trays have tapered bottoms which make 10 sided cubes instead of normal cubes
  • Embedded Steel Rim Means Less Spills: Features a steel rim which gives added stability & support (no flimsiness)
  • Easy Ice Removal with EZ Removal: Each compartment is separate so simply push out the cube you want
  • Easy to Clean - Dishwasher Safe: When you need to clean just toss it in the dishwasher
  • Safe to Use: Made with premium BPA-free FDA-approved silicone
  • Lifetime Warranty: You're protected by a no-hassle free replacement guarantee

Be Creative and Freeze More than Just Water!

Freeze coffee, lemonade, or other fruits juices so you no longer dilute your favorite beverages. Get creative and add fruits to your cubes before chilling or freeze sauces and stocks to spice up your meals quickly. You can even use these trays as pop molds, jello molds, or sake cups.

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Superb Cube Ice Tray
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