PAC•ROD 3-in-1 Wine Tool - Chiller, Pourer & Aerator

Product Description

✔ MULTI-FUNCTIONAL SPACE-SAVING DESIGN - 3 useful devices in 1 sleek package: wine pourer, wine aerator, & wine chiller. Measures 12.5 in x 1 in, weighs 3.8 ounces & fits standard 750 ml wine bottles

✔ SHOWCASE YOUR POURING TECHNIQUE - Unique-engineered BPA-free spout prevents stains and messes and delivers the perfect pour each time you use it

✔ ENHANCES WINE FLAVOR - Built-in wine aerator mixes in additional oxygen which increases your wine's flavor profile

✔ KEEP IT CHILL - High quality 304 stainless steel wine chill rod maintains wine at the perfect drinking temperature

✔ LIFETIME WARRANTY - If you aren't satisfied by the PAC-Rod we will replace or refund your order

    Do You Want the Best Tasting Wine?

    After you've spent top dollar on a bottle of wine the last thing you want to do is to is to spill it or do anything to make it taste bad, right?

    With all the wine experts, books, and online info it's difficult to figure out the best way to serve wine! Don't fret, the PAC•ROD simplifies everything.

    The PAC•ROD Does All You Need in 1 Package

    The PAC•ROD is called the PAC•ROD cause it does 3 things well:

    Pours - No one likes wine spilled on them or their stuff, the unique design keeps wine in the cup
    Aerates - "Aerate" is a fancy word for adding oxygen, as your pour oxygen is added increasing the wine's flavor
    Chills - After the chill rod has been cooled in the freezer the rod lowers and maintains your wine temperature 

    Easy and Flexible to Use

    1. Unscrew and place the stainless steel chill rod in the freezer for a few hours 
    2. Open a bottle of wine, pour out some wine in another glass (to prevent spilling) 
    3. Attach stainless steel rod to pourer 
    4. Place assembled PAC•ROD into wine bottle 
    5. Serve and enjoy your vino!

    * If you don't want to chill your wine just use the pourer and aerator

    Key Benefits

    Enhanced wine flavor - aerator adds oxygen & wine chiller maintains optimal serving temperature
    Space-saving - 3 devices in one
    No more wine messes - unique pour spot prevents spilling
    Lifetime warranty - If you aren't happy with your PAC•ROD we will replace or refund your order

    $ 13.99

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