20 oz Leak-Proof Glass Bottles and Juicing Containers with Loop Caps - 4 Pack

Product Description

✔ MULTI-COLORED BPA-FREE LOOP CAPS – Features FDA-approved, BPA-free plastic loop caps with silicone lining for leak and spill prevention. Come in 4 stylish colors: white, blue, green, and red. Mix and match with our Glass Bottle Silicone Sleeves

✔ PERFECT FOR ALL KINDS OF ACTIVITIES – Suitable for any outdoor activities - hiking, camping, jogging, traveling and more. Perfect for people on the go - just easily clip the loop cap to your bag or backpack. Leak resistant cap prevents messy spills.

✔ VERSATILE AND EASY TO CLEAN – Easily store up to 20 oz of water, juice, tea, smoothies, kombucha, cold coffee, and other drinks. Features larger-than-average opening for easy fill and refill. Measuring line shows exactly how much liquid is in the bottle. Bottles and caps are dishwasher safe.

✔ SAFE AND CLEAN DRINKING – Four clean glass bottles made from premium soda lime glass which is BPA-free, Phthalate-free, PVC-free, Lead-free, and Cadmium-free. Food grade plastic loop cap is FDA-approved.

Our Clean Glass Bottles with Loop Caps Are Perfect for Everyone!

Do you hate the aftertaste of metal and plastic containers? If you do, you’d love our Glass Bottles with Loop Caps. It’s made from soda lime glass that is 100% recyclable and does not leach harmful chemicals or unwanted flavors into your drinks.

Why You Should Buy Our Clean Glass Bottles with Loop Caps

✔ BPA-FREE PLASTIC LOOP CAPS - The loop caps come in 4 vibrant colors (white, blue, green, and red) for easy identification. Features silicone lining to prevent leaks
✔ GREAT FOR OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES - The loop caps make it easy to clip the bottle to a bag so you can bring it with you wherever you go
✔ STORE UP TO 20 OZ OF BEVERAGE - The bottle can easily store up to 20 oz of water, juice, tea, smoothies, coffee, kombucha and other drinks. Features a large opening to easily fit ice and fruits
✔ 100% RECYCLABLE & SAFE - Made from high quality soda lime glass that doesn't leach harmful chemicals or undesirable flavors into your drink, like plastic or metal containers do. It is BPA free, Phthalate free, PVC free, lead-free and Cadmium-free


* Liquid expands when it freezes. We do not recommend freezing glass bottles
* Bottles may have a wave effect. This is due to a two-stage manufacturing process that strengthens the bottle. Once filled with water, the waviness disappears
* Pouring boiled water directly into the glass is not recommended; sudden change in temperature may cause the bottle to shatter

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$ 22.99