Pratico Kitchen Products

Pratico Kitchen Products

Pratico Kitchen includes everyday kitchen items such as cutting boards, glass bottles for juicing or brewing kombucha, pot holders, ice cube trays and more. We have a satisfaction guarantee on our items and hope that you enjoy them. Our kitchen products are created to be purchased one time and last you a very long time. Don't take our word for it, look at the reviews for each product and judge for yourself.

What People Are Saying About Pratico Kitchen's Products

Love this item. It arrived just in time for Thanksgiving and I used it as a carving board and a serving tray. It looks great as both. I especially liked the rapid response I got from the manufacturer when I sent them a question about how often to use the mineral oil they recommend. That's great customer service!

- Frances Cleveland, Bamboo Cutting Board


I would buy from this seller over and over again. They had contacted me for feedback before I'd even received my items. When I reached out with a concern about 1 of the 2 bottles I purchased, they promptly responded (same day) and offered a refund or replacement. I happily accepted a replacement and received a full new set within 2 or 3 days. Excellent customer service, friendly and so helpful!

- Sbiel, Glass Bottles

This is such a great product. I love silicone ice trays but hate how they are too wobbly and messy. I have arthritis and I find it difficult to use regular ice trays, as it is too hard for me to get the ice out. This ice tray is the best of both worlds, in that the rim gives it stability, but the silicone is soft and makes it very easy to remove the ice. Ingenious design! Would definitely recommend to people who have difficulty with regular ice trays.

- Dani, SuperbCube 1.4 Inch

We've only had this pitcher a short while, but it falls nothing short of 5 stars in our judgment. It's well constructed of strong material. It seals tight preventing leaks even if laid it on its side in the refrigerator. It's also easy to open and close the lid for pouring even with my physical disability. Thank you! I encourage others to give this product a try.

- D. Stefonek, QuickPour pitcher


Pratico Kitchen Products

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