Beckworth and Co

Beckworth and Co.

Beckworth and Compincludeudes camping tables that are super simple and durable to use. The tables come in multiple sizes and it's own carrying case. We've tested it personally and use it every time we go camping, tailgating or to a picnic. They're great but don't take our word for it, do a little research and check out the reviews it's been garnering.

What People Are Saying About Beckworth and Co's Camping and Picnic Table

This is awesome. I looked at numerous tables and even ordered a couple that had to be sent back. Then I found this one. It is SO clever the way it folds and is super easy to use. I have arthritis in my hands and have no problem at all. I have no hesitation in recommending this table. I bought it as a command center for my drone flight operations and so it goes into fields, and other non-usual locations.

- Cmt

Easy to setup. Great build quality. Love the adjustable height and the fact it folds into a very small package and comes with a nice bag to store it in. Used it for the first time while camping and it was a great extra space to work on while preparing meals.





We bought this after attending a concert recently at an outdoor venue with lawn seats. We noticed others with portable tables but all had a shortcoming of fixed leg length which became a challenge since the lawn is sloped. After seeing this table with adjustable legs it became a winner. We used last week and everyone in our party of 20 wanted one. I do think that they don't do a good enough job describing the adjustable legs. It states two different heights but in reality that is just the shortest and longest lengths - it is fully adjustable at any height in between which is why it worked so well on the slope of the lawn. Very good construction, bamboo surface looked great and the aluminum legs are really well put together and solid. Not flimsy at all. Packs up in a great little tote case as well. This is a winner.

- DBorsos 



I bought this for my husband to take outdoors with his telescope. He needed a table to put his lenses and books for locating objects in the night sky. When I saw this online I was very excited by the portability and adjustability and sale price! This was a Christmas gift and I must say when he opened it and put it together he was impressed. The table top is multiple slats of bamboo that rolls nicely to fit in the accompanying case. The legs are attached and fold up easily and adjust to varying height. So if he is on a slant the table top can be flat. The legs are lightweight aluminum so not too heavy. He is able to sling it over his shoulder and with a flashlight, able to pull it out and assemble it in about 1-2 minutes. This would also be great for camping, the beach, or outdoor concerts. We like it and would recommend without reservation.

- Docmom


I never thought I'd get excited about a portable table, but this item is amazing. It's quite solid and fits in my luggage, as I need to take a table on a trip. It sets up easily and folds up just as easy and the carrying case is perfect. You won't go wrong with this purchase.

- Amazon Customer

Perfect table for my crafting needs. Because the height adjusts to many various heights, I can adjust higher or lower depending on what task I am working on. When I am not using it, I can store it away since it is foldable, and having the stylish looking carrying case is a plus when I will need to take the table with me to work on crafting projects. This was better than buying a table that only had two heights, also the fact that I can put it away and carry it off more than justifies the price. I'll get a lot of use from this.



Beckworth and Co

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