11 Best Football Tailgate Supplies


11 Best Football Tailgate Supplies

Sure, you could always celebrate and lament the victories and losses of your favorite football team in front of your television, but wouldn’t you rather enjoy the game, sip those ice cold beers and feast on delicious barbecue a little bit closer to the action?  Then you should really consider holding a tailgate party.

A tailgate party needs lots of alcoholic beverages and food like hamburgers, hot dogs, baked beans and cold salads like coleslaw or potato salad.  Sometimes, you will also enjoy law games in tailgate parties.  Usually, these are drinking games like ladder toss, washer pitching and beer pong.  Many fans would also bring out stereo equipment to these events to dance.  Tailgating is so fun that is has now become a part of the sports culture.

You don’t need to be the stereotypical sports fan to enjoy a tailgate party.  Here are some supplies and gear you should bring with you to have an amazing tailgating experience:

Reusable Foldable Wine Bag

Make sure to pack a reusable foldable wine bag like Pratico’s WineCubby.  You can use this to store and even take a full bottle of wine with you.  You wouldn’t have to worry about carrying bulky and heavy wine bottles.  This is the perfect tailgate supply if you and your friends love wine and all sorts of beverages.

Grown-Up Sippy Cups

Enjoy an egalitarian tailgating experience by embracing all kinds of alcohol.  If you’re a wine drinker, we would definitely recommend bringing grown-up sippy cups with you.  You can enjoy your wine when you don’t have to worry about the crowd.  You don’t have to worry about jostling and sloshing quality wine all over the place.

One-handed Bottle Opener

If you’re planning to serve up chilled bottles of beer, you might want to pack a one-handed bottle opener.  You will be able to reach into the cooler, grab a bottle and pop off the cap quickly with one hand.

Double Beer Holster Helmet

You’ve probably seen the classic double beer holster helmet around, but have you used it before?  A football tailgate is the perfect opportunity to use a holster helmet. Strap two cans and drink while you compete in a flip-cup tournament.  You can chug while you high-five everyone when your team scores.

Cooler Bag

Cramming a cooler into a packed vehicle can be such a challenge.  It is easier when you have a cooler bag.  You can squeeze it into the tiniest and tightest spots in your car.  A good cooler bag can carry about 6.5 gallons of drinks.  It can also keep ice frozen for days.  Get one with a shoulder strap, so you will be able to carry the bag easily.

Stainless Steel Rod

There’s nothing better than cracking open a cold beer while watching a football game.  There is nothing worse than drinking warm beer.  A stainless steel rod or portable chiller will ensure that your drinks are always cold. Crack the top off of your beer, place the rod inside and chill your beer.

If you want to keep your wine warm, you can bring a PAC•ROD 3-in-1 Wine Tool - Chiller, Pourer & Aerator with you.  You can store it in the chiller until you are ready to use it.

Insulated Steel Growler

No cooler?  Why not bring an insulated steel growler to keep your beer cold for many hours.  If it’s freezing out, you can bring some boozy hot drink with you instead.  The growler will keep it hot until long after the football game is finished.

Portable Slow Cooker

Tailgating food is not healthy, but they are delicious and tasty!  Make sure your food stays hot.  What is the best way to make sure you have hot food?  Bring a portable slow cooker.  You can whip up the best buffalo chicken dip and chili for your tailgate party.  Get a portable cooker that doesn’t need electricity.  You can heat up the food that you brought from home.

Portable Spice Containers

Your food doesn’t need to be bland.  You can always bring a portable spice container, so you can season your hot wings and chili if needed.  Why leave you cayenne and sea salt at home when you can always just bring them along with you?

Portable Stainless Steel Grill

Get a portable grill that you can use in a tailgate party.  There are stainless steel grill that actually use the energy from burning wood.  You can cook burgers, hot dogs and BBQ.

Portable Propane Oven

You will find delicious grilled meat at a tailgate, but you won’t easily find chocolate chip cookies or cinnamon rolls.  However, if you have a portable propane oven, you will be able bake delicious treats.

Whether it’s professional or college football, tailgating is a must for any avid football fan.  The key to having an awesome tailgate is to make sure you have all the right accessories and supplies.  Whether it’s a cooler for your beer and wine or a portable gas grill for your hotdogs and burgers, you should definitely prepare a checklist and make sure you pack the right supplies.  You will definitely enjoy a great tailgate party with your friends.

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