The RunCubby: An Awesome Travel Companion


If you go online or visit a local store, you will find a lot of choices for fanny packs, waist packs, running belts and exercise belts.  They come in various sizes, designs, materials, colors and functionality.  There are super large ones, and there are incredibly small choices.  Choosing the right one can be a little tricky.

If you are looking for versatility – the RunCubby is exactly what you need.  It is one of the most versatile waist belts with just the right size, functionality and comfort.  It has everything you need.  It will let you go exactly where you need to go with all the things you need to bring.  You do not have to worry about where to put the important items the next time you travel.

What Does This Product Offer?

The waist belt has a lot of space.  You would be able to store a lot of things –fuel bars, protein bars, mobile phones, wallet, keys, identification cards, credit cards, cash, travel documents, lip balm, lipstick, cosmetic items and more.

  • It offers nifty use of space.  There are separate zipper pockets.  The waist belt’s pouch compartment has a flap which helps separate items and keeps them organized.
  • It fits any phone size.  From iPhone to Samsung Smart Phones, this waist belt can fit all kinds of phones.
  • It has a fully adjustable waist strap.  You can adjust your waist belt as needed. It can fit small and large waists.
  • It is extra comfortable.  The belt is made with breathable fabric that will help keep you dry.
  • It has a headphone hole.  You can loop your headphones through the hole, and you can enjoy your music while you travel.
  • It is versatile.  You can use the product for all sorts of activities including traveling, hiking, camping, backpacking, walking, running and a whole lot more.
  • It has a lifetime warranty.  If there is a problem with your RunCubby, you can always have it replaced.

Why Should You Start Using RunCubby?

Do you carry your valuable s with you at all time?  Do you worry about keeping them safe?  With RunCubby, you don’t have to worry about your phone or valuables.  It can fit most cellphones like iPhone 6 or Samsung Note 4.  It can even fit iPods.  You can stay in focus and get the most out of your activity.

You can bring whatever you want to bring.  There is plenty of space for all your essentials.  If you are one of those people who hate leaving travel documents in hotel rooms, you can bring your credit cards, travel documents and wallet with you.  The RunCubby has pockets with flaps, so you can keep things organized.  There are side zipper pockets that allow you quick access to small travel items like sunblock or lip balm.

This waist belt allows you to wear the clothes you want, so you can move in comfort.  It allows you to wear any clothes.  You do not have to worry about wearing clothes with pockets, so you can bring your phone or other items with you.  The elastic waist strap adapts to any shape or size.

The waist belt has a dedicated headphone hole, so you can easily listen to your favorite music while you exercise or move about.  The waist band is actually quite versatile.  You can use it for hiking or traveling or just about anything you want to do.

The RunCubby Exercise Belt from Pratico Goods offers peace of mind. You can keep your valuables like phone and money while you travel or do exercises.  The belt gives you the freedom of movement without worrying about your valuables.  Not surprisingly, people have the best things to say about this product.

What Do People Say About RunCubby?

The RunCubby Exercise belt has been a great experience for me so far! I can listen to music while working out with the hole designed for headphones! Also, I love that there is a lot of space so I can put all of my belongings in one place, and know that they are with me at all times. The elastic band is very adjustable. All you would do is move the adjustable, to fit any size. This can be used by everyone! Moreover, this comes in handy for traveling, especially like a first-aid kit, if necessary. Overall, I enjoy using this product and would recommend it for using it for exercising and other purposes. – Lex

This Running Belt is very comfortable with just the right amount of padding on the back to allow a soft, comfortable feel but doesn't feel bulky. It is also breathable so the belt remains comfortable when working out. The elastic waistband stretches easily with the correct amount of tension to retain the belt but not feel tight. It has 3 separate compartments in the main zippered storage area and one separate smaller zippered area, which allows you to store and keep your items organized. It is large enough to store your cellphone and has a convenient "pass-through" opening for your headphone cord so that you can listen to your device while it is securely stored in the belt. Overall it is a great and very well designed product and I am planning to use it for my myriad outdoor activities. – Hhr

This RunCubby is fantastic, just what I needed for my running. I go to the park daily for running, but it always turns out into a rough jog because of my keys, my gum, cards or cash always feel so bulky when I run. Since getting my hands on the running belt or should I say since my waist got a hold of the running belt, my running has been so much more smoother, I find that I can even run longer than usual because I don't have the stress of worrying if my valuables are safe. The running belt looks slim but it stretches and has a lot of space for my stuff.  - Marisa

Where Can I Get a RunCubby?

If you are interested in buying your own RunCubby, check out this link.

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