The Pratisphere Ice Molds - Large, Round and Spherical Ice Molds


Traditional ice molds require you to pour water in a small hole using a small funnel or aiming accurately with your water faucet or pitcher to avoid spilling. The Pratisphere is a new and frankly awesome way to make ice molds. Here are some quick tips on how to get started and some recipes and ideas to help you make the most of your Pratisphere Ice Molds

Sphere Ice Mold Quick Tips

  1. Fill mold to the fill line
  2. Gently lower the cap into the mold
  3. Freeze mold for 4-6 hours
  4. Loosen ice from mold by running warm water on each side
  5. Peel cap up from plastic base by pulling on tabs
  6. Squeeze mold sides to release ice spheres
  7. Enjoy your favorite cocktail or drink with powerful long lasting ice spheres!

 Ice Mold Ideas

There's something special and different about using spherical ice molds instead of the regular ice cubes. Sure there are the practical reasons of slowing down the dilution (watering down) process, keeping your drink cooler for extended periods of time.

There's also the benefit of not having to chew on ice with each sip of your drink. But besides all the standard stuff, it's just cool dropping a large, beautiful and sexy smooth round ice sphere in your party guest's drink. Here's a few ideas and ways you can use your Pratisphere Ice Molds.

Good ol' Whiskey

I love my whiskey on the rocks. But having "rocks" means putting multiple ice cubes in your drink, causing it to dilute your fancy whiskey too soon unless, you're shooting them down your throat before they quickly melt like a rockstar!

For us non-rockstars, putting a single ice whiskey ball in your drink keeps your drink cooler for long periods of time.

Cold Brew Ice Coffee

Cold Brew Ice coffee's a new passion of mine. Delicious high quality coffee grounds steeped for 48-72 hours poured to perfection. Regular ice just dampens the intense flavors it creates. You can prevent this from happening by using ice spheres. One is all you need per cup!

Decorative Colored Ice Balls / Colored Ice Designs

For those who want to jazz up their pitcher of drinks with colored or decorative ice balls, using food coloring is an easy way to hear some "ooing" and "ahhing" from your guests. There's 2 ways to do it:

  1. Add food coloring in the mold, stir it up a bit and create a a colored / tinted ice ball. Imagine a mojito with mint green colored ice balls to liven up the pitcher.
  2. Add food coloring after you give the ice some time to freeze. This could be after 1-2 hours you put it in the freezer. This will create some nice swirls and patterns in your ice balls.

Infusing Your Ice Balls (Fruits, Herbs and More)

Putting a slice of lemon, lime or orange in your mold can really enhance the flavor by infusing the flavors into the ice which enhances the flavor of your drink. Adding some mint into the ice is another way to intensify the fresh mint flavor of any of your favorite summer drinks, for example, the mint mojito or watermelon tequila cocktails.

A nice recipe for lemon slice ice balls is posted here and an image of the concept below. Our Pratisphere Ice Molds are a bit different in style and functionality, but the concept is still the same and by slicing up the lemon and crossing them together, they would create some nice looking lemon ice spheres.

Here's a picture of the lemon ice molds which links you to a more details descriptions of the recipe.

Cocktails Inside the Ice Spheres

For the more ambitious mixologists and inner Martha Stewart-esque home makers, you can actually create ice molds that have delicious cocktails embedded within the actual ice. So cracking or melting the ice will release a blast of your favorite cocktail. Here's a few recipes and techniques you can use to create your own "cocktail in a sphere":

Look how cool they can turn out if done correctly:

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