RunCubby: The Perfect Companions for Runners


There are many choices in the market for running belts or fanny packs.  There are just too many waist packs out there.  They come in all kinds of shapes, colors, and sizes.  It is up to you to choose which one suits you best.  But if you want an exercise belt that is truly versatile, RunCubby is your best choice.  It is the perfect blend of size, utility, and comfort.

A Lot of Awesome Features

This is a top-quality product.  You won’t see loose threads or poor stitching.  The zippers work wonderfully.  The waist straps are quite secure.  The material used is lightweight.

This is a perfect gift for your partner or spouse who can use it when he goes to gym or exercises outdoors.  He can place his phone, iPod, keys and cash in it.  There are just so many features.  The inside is quite sleek.  It has an excellent breathable mesh outside to keep things cool while he exercises.  

It has pockets on the corner where you could place small things like coin change, medicine or your gym membership.  It bag has several divider pockets to help keep things organized.  It stretches a bit, so he’d feel more comfortable.

The bag has three compartments in the main zippered storage and another one in the smaller zippered area.  The main pouch compartment has a flap which helps keep things separate and organized.  You can keep your credit cards, licenses, and other small items inside the smaller pockets.  You can place your keys, cell phone, iPod in the main pocket.

The bag allows for maximum storage space for all your essential needs.  Overall, it is definitely a well-designed product that you can use for all kinds of outdoor activities.

Quite Comfortable

The bag has just the right amount of padding to keep it soft and comfortable.  It is extremely comfortable. The adjustable waistband fits any size, from small waists to large ones, roughly from 20 to 36 inches. It isn’t bulky though.  It’s breathable, so you’d feel comfortable as you run, jog, hike or backpack.

The elastic waistband stretches comfortably, but it has just the right amount of tension to keep the belt in place.  It has a slim and lightweight waist belt backing which is made of breathable material to keep you dry.  It fits snuggly, and it doesn’t jiggle around when you move.  It doesn’t shift, droop or pull.  There is a sewn-in strap which stretches about 50 inches.  They can also be reduced to less than that.

The fabric is made of ripstop nylon and a cushioned foam material, so the bag stays cool while you walk and run.  Maybe you could avoid filling it to the brim, so it will be easy to wear.  It can be unobtrusive and convenient.

A Lot of Space

RunCubby has a full 13 1/2 inches of space – lots of space for everything you need to carry with you.  You can pack your protein bars, keys, wallet, travel documents and a whole lot more.  It can fit all kinds of phones from iPhone 4 to iPhone 6s to Samsung Smartphones.  This bag can fit your devices.  It has so many rooms.  You can fit everything inside without the bag turning bulky.

The RunCubby has a depth that fits one iPhone 6s with a case on its side and a couple of energy gel. Since a 5s is smaller, it can definitely fit in the bag.  The bag can expand out more and fits two of these devices.  You can even store an Apple Thunderbolt Gigabit adapter box inside, and you would be able to zip it up without any problem.  The bag can fit a lot of things including a small gun.

Great for Outdoor Activities and Exercises

Some people would flinch at the idea of using a running belt to put their stuff in when exercising outdoors.  They’re afraid they’ll look funny to people who see them.  Still, RunCubby is something that you should get if you like doing outdoor activities.

You wouldn’t have to worry about your things dropping to the ground.  All the things that you carry and put in your pocket add weight, and this keeps you from running as quickly as you could.

The RunCubby will keep you from stressing out.  It will keep you from dropping valuable items and losing them.  The belt looks a little small, but amazingly enough, it can hold several of your personal belongings – everything that you carry with you when you go jogging, running, backpacking or trekking.

It is also perfect when you go biking.  You can now finally bring your phone with you.  You can stick it in your bag and listen to your music.  It has a port for your headphones to go through, so you could bring your iPod with you as well.

You can also use it when you walk your dogs.  You can put the treats inside the bag for holding treats.  You can also use it when you go roller skating or skateboarding.  You can use it when you are skiing, traveling or spending time with your kids outdoors.  You can place your kids’ stuff in the bag.

But wait is it waterproof?  The front of the RunCubby is made of materials with some slight water resistance, but it is not entirely waterproof.

What are you waiting for? Grab your RunCubby here.

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