Pillow-To-Go Self Inflating Pillow: Bring Comfort on the Road with You


As much as you enjoy traveling with your family, there is one thing that you will likely miss from your home: your bed and your so-ever-comfortable pillows.

You probably took the time to look for the best pillows, one that won’t hurt your neck while you sleep.  Shouldn’t you the same when you shop for a travel pillow?  Make your life a little bit easier by investing a great pillow.  That way you may not be able to bring your entire bed and all your favorite pillows with you on your trip, but you will still be able to have a good sleep while you’re on the road.

Sleep like a Baby While Traveling

If you’ve tried countless outdoor or travel pillows, but you haven’t really tried a great travel pillow until you’ve tried the Pillow-to-Go Self Inflating Pillow.  Whether you’d be traveling or sitting in a campfire, you will enjoy a great night sleep with this outdoor pillow.

A great thing about this pillow is that it inflates on its own.  You just need a little patience, and the pillow will do the work for you.  It will blow itself up to just the perfect size.  The pillow is comfortable even without a pillow case.  You would feel completely comfortable using this product.

Perfect for Camping

The Pillow-to-Go is not just perfect for traveling but also perfect for camping.  This is something you should definitely get if you do a lot of camping.  If you are into hammock camping, you’d be more comfortable sleeping in a hammock with a self-inflating pillow to prop your head up.

People who prefer to sleep on their side will love the pillow’s recessed area where their ears would fit perfectly inside.  You wouldn’t suffer from left ear pain as you may have experienced with other pillows.

This is a large pillow especially when it’s inflated.  It can inflate to about 12 x 21 inches which is unusual for a travel pillow.  It’s the perfect size though.

It’s also quite simple to inflate which is perfect when you’re setting camp.  You just need to open the valve, and let the pillow alone while you set up your camp.  Once you are done with all your tasks, you can check the pillow if it has already been inflated, and you can just close the valve.

You can also adjust the fit of the pillow to adjust to your preferred firmness. You can squeeze the air out before closing.  If you want a firmer pillow, you can open the valve and blow the pillow up a little bit.  You will definitely sleep better with Pillow-to-Go.  It’s a must-have camping gear.

Lots of Uses for This Pillow

You can use your pillow when you travel or go camping.  It has an easy-to-clean fabric, so you can use it, clean it and use it again.  You can even use it as a seat cushion. The next time you go kayaking, you can use the pillow as a seat cushion.  You wouldn’t suffer an aching back after 2 hours of kayaking.  Even if the pillow accidentally falls out into the water, they will just float.

You can also use it at home. You can prop your head up on the couch with it while you watch movies or do a TV show marathon.

It’s Waterproof

The pillow is waterproof.  It won’t get soggy or soft when wet.  It won’t grow molds as well.  This is why it is perfect for camping.  Your pillows can get wet when camping.  Even during spring or summer when the weather is a little warm, your pillows can get damp when condensation builds up inside the tent or in the morning when you leave the tent.

The fabric doesn’t absorb moisture. You can just towel dry off the dampness when your pillow gets wet.  Wet pillows are the worst!  Once your pillows get wet, you’ll be out of the luck for the rest of your trip.  Pillows could absorb so much water that it would take a while to get them to dry up.

Just the Perfect Size

The Pillow-to-Go is quite generous in size.  If you hate thin pillows, you would definitely love this product.  For camping, the thickness is considerably just right.  The pillow supports your head.  It will help keep your head off the ground, just high enough to be comfortable.  Just make sure to place it on a sleeping mat to optimize your comfort.

Easy to Store, Use and Carry


The Pillow-to-Go Self-Inflating Pillow is specifically designed to be the most comfortable travel or outdoor pillow.  It features an ergonomic shape that perfectly contours to your head.  It is filled with comfort foam to give your head additional support.


What are you waiting for? Grab your own pillow here.

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